Who should do my pool renovation or remodel?

We get many calls to renovate pools in SW Florida, and many of our clients are getting several bids which we highly recommend.  So who should we pick to renovate our pool? – They Ask??  Currently the State of Florida and the surrounding counties of SW FLorida DO NOT require a permit to remodel or renovate a pool.  The exception would be if you are doing any structural modifications to the pool shell or surrounding areas.

With the counties not requiring permitting, we feel the client is ultimately liable for the construction techniques or practices, of the company they choose to use with little recourse.  If there is no permit involved in your project, the chance of getting someone unlicensed or non capable of doing the project goes up tremendously.  We highly recommend using a licensed pool contractor in the State of Florida, to renovate any pool.  Even if the project does not require a license, please do your self a favor a choose a licensed pool builder.  Many service companies and self proclaimed renovation experts do not have a license to build pools.

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